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The Roofing Site Company is an experienced team of contractors that have over 20 years worth of knowledge on how to properly roof your home or business. Check out some of our services we offer below! Thanks for visiting


Residential Roofing

As a trusted roofing company our goal is to go above and beyond for our customers. A roof over your head keeps you safe. We intend to provide the highest quality service there is. Guarenteed.

Commercial Roofing

However big or small the job may be, you can count on The Roofing Site Company to get the job done in a timely manner and at a great price.

Dallas Roofing Experts Specializing in Roof Insurance Claims

Are you a homeowner that’s looking to hire a reliable and affordable Roofing Dallas tx company with a reputation of quality roofing to work on your residential or commercial building? Well, look no further because we have you covered. We understand just how important it is that you get the best quality roofing services near you at the most competitive rates.

Why we are hailed as the best roofers Dallas has to offer?

We combine a high level of artistry professionalism and honesty which is what sets us aside from the rest. To have a water proof and weather proof roof over your head, you have to hire the best in the roofing business and get a quote that will fit within your budget. This article will give you tips on how to hire the best roofer near your location and what to ask when hiring roofing contractors.

We know you don’t do this often.

Most people only get to roof their houses once or twice in a lifetime (if they do it well) which is why most of us have no clue which contractor to hire when the need arises. It is also a big investment on your part which is going to improve the value of your home, and that is precisely why you should get the hiring part right the first time.

How to find that we are best Roofing Dallas tx company near you

Get a referral You can always ask that friend at work who has their house redone last summer for a referral and if we did work for them they surely will refer you to us.

  • Check out new roofed buildings near your location

Drive around and watch for new building projects and if you love the professional finish on some newly roofed buildings, then you can ask for a referral.

  • Look us up online

Nine out of ten roofing contractors who do not have a strong online presence are also shady in real-life, and we do not like the odds.

Advantages of choosing a Dallas tx company that specializes in insurance claims.

You can feel free to shop around for roofing contractors but in the end always go for contractors who specialize in insurance claims. This is particularly vital if you are planning on using your insurance cove on your home to pay for the service. Supposing a storm tore your roof apart and you were covered for the particular peril then you are liable for compensation. We also suppose you have enough to worry about right now and would like the burden of filing your insurance claims and coordinating with your insurance company lifted from your shoulders. That is why you should hire us because we specialize in filing insurance claim on your behalf.

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I was referred to The Roofing Site Company by a friend. Let me just say, WOW!  They not only did a perfect job, but they went above and beyond with customer service as well! Thx guys! -Robin

Robin Jade

Home Owner

I can’t thank The Roofing Site Company enough for the job they did after those Texas storms rolled through and damaged our roof. Thank y’all!

Kelly White

Home Owner

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