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Tips For Choosing Corrugated Fiberglass Roofing

One of the most attractive features of corrugated fiberglass roofing is the fact that is extremely affordable as far as roofing materials go. Of course, there is a reason that not every home has corrugated fiberglass panel roofs too. First, it is a translucent material that is very flexible and usually semi transparent. Not too many people want transparent roofs or even semitransparent.
However, that is just a side issue the truth is that the fibreglass panel is normally lightweight, and extremely prone to damage if a heavy object is dropped upon them, meaning you do not really want these on your home. They do however make excellent and economical corrugated roofing materials for greenhouses where light is desirable, or barns where the noise made by the lightweight panels in high winds is a non-issue.

Metal roofing is more expensive than fibreglass roofing and though longer lasting, it is not as efficient or desirable a material for such areas as a patio or a greenhouse.

Corrugated fibreglass can be used as roofing panels or in some cases as siding material for buildings. Because it is so lightweight and flexible, it is easily molded to fit the contours of a roof when installing.

However, corrugated fiberglass roofing is prone to contracting and expansion and care should be taken during installation to fit the panels together perfectly. Flashing should be applied carefully to prevent leaks.

Due to its lightweight, these panels can make noise during high winds and if used in areas where noise is a concern, then the panels should be carefully secured in order to reduce this problem.

Corrugated fiberglass roofing works exceptionally well for certain purposes and very poorly for residential purposes. Its economy makes it a popular choice for do it yourself home patios or structures where natural sunlight is desirable.

These panels also have little in the way of insulation properties and unlike metal roofing systems, they do not reflect heat and sunlight but instead absorb it. If it is used as a material in a situation where insulation is necessary, an insulation material should be placed under it and because insulation is solid, the panels will not allow sunlight through. That means one of the positives of fiberglass panels light transmission is removed. It remains an economical solution for non-residential purposes though.

To summarize corrugated fiberglass roofing works where economy is a concern, translucence is either desirable or not a concern. It works when noise due to winds is not a concern and when insulation in roofing is not necessary.

It does not work well for residential home roofing purposes due to the lack of insulation, the delicacy of the material if a tree falls on it or severe hail should hit the area and the roof, and the noise factor is not an issue.

In fact, to use, these panels in areas they are not designed for would result in a greater expense for the homeowner and less satisfaction in the end. On the other hand, they are perfect for the use for which they are designed.

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