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Saving Energy With Metal Insulated Roof Panels

Long gone are the old metal roofs which were visible from the interior of a structure and heated up like a furnace. Instead with new metal roof insulated panels your roof can last up to 50 years, reflect heat and keep your home cooler and warmer and protect from sound. Thinking green can easily include the metal insulated roof and a house cannot only be more energy efficient but stronger with the addition of these roof panels.
In some cases, homeowners have taken it to the max and covered not only their roofs but also their entire homes with steel insulated panels. These consist of an insulation material sandwiched between two sheets of steel. These metal panels are a composite of the two most desirable factors for a building and roof covering (energy efficiency and structural stability) and can even withstand a hurricane and its damaging wind and rain.

Buildings are shedding those ugly old metal roofs in favor of the new colored and textured metal roof insulated panels that can integrate into almost any building style or neighborhood.

The new roof systems feature not only new looks for metal roofing but also new insulation materials where the insulation installation may be part of the new roofing system.

In cases where a metal roof is being installed atop another type of roofing material, the old roof can provide some, but not all of the necessary insulation. Adding insulated panels can increase the energy efficiency of the home dramatically and reduce fuel and energy costs dramatically over the lifetime of the home.

The homeowner does not necessarily have to have modernistic tastes or unlimited funds in order to extend the life of their home and reduce their energy costs for years to come with these products. In fact though hardly a budget material, metal roof costs are an exceptional investment over the life of the home.

Metal roof systems and insulated metal can imitate almost any current type of metal roof shingle or material with colors that range from muted to startling and textures that can fool the eye into believing the metal roof is composed of wood or slate.

If replacing a roof every 10 or 15 years is considered a budgetary necessity and higher heating and cooling bills are of no concern, then the metal roof insulation panels may hold no interest, but if the messy and expensive process of reroofing is unacceptable, and energy savings is important then these products deserve careful consideration.

In the end energy conservation is not only becoming an environmental concern for aware persons, it is becoming a budgetary necessity as the cost for heating and cooling a home or business rise yearly. Insulated panels incorporated into a metal roof or beneath it will increase a home’s efficiency, reduce the energy needed to heat, and cool it, and they will do it for years to come.

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