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When To Use Spray On Roofing

Spray on roofing and spray foam has been around for a good number of years and has not gotten near as much respect as it deserves. Probably the main reason it failed to become as popular as it should have, is the relative expense of foam roofing at the time it emerged.
On the very positive side of spray on roofing is the insulation capability of foam roofing and the waterproofing and leak prevention or even repair when used as a coating. Roof systems, which incorporate foam roof coatings, may choose very flexible open cell foam or a stiffer closed cell type of foam system. It depends of course on the properties most desired for that particular roof.

Some roof coatings may be a spray on polyurethane foam, which will expand filling cracks in the roof and sealing the roof correcting small flaws and preventing future leaks.

Spray on foam may be incorporated easily into a flat roof as part of a particular contractor’s roof system or it may be applied later by the homeowner in an attempt to extend the life of the roofing material.

It is important to note that if you plan to apply spray on foam roofing material of any type that often-special spray dispensers are required, and that may mean more of an investment than hiring a contractor to do the job. Paint on foam or sealant may not fill as evenly or completely as the spray on types and are often more of a sealant with few expanding properties that make the foam such a great choice.

Spray on coatings may not always be the best choice for roofing repair since the structural problem will remain and if uncorrected may grow worse but can be excellent for adding insulation or preventing future problems.

It is also important for the do it yourselfer to remember that though roofs may be rated to withstand rain, snow or other problems flat roof membranes and surfaces can be damaged by even the smallest tears so care should be taken in limiting the weight and damage potential when working upon a roof.

Tearing a flat roof or damaging an older and weakened asphalt roof while attempting to apply a spray on foam yourself can actually cost the homeowner more than hiring a contractor to do the job.

On the other hand, the homeowner who is simply applying a foam coating to prevent damage and potentially extend the life of the roof surface can do the job carefully, save money and end up with a roof that lasts far longer than the manufacturer’s guarantee.

It can be that a spray on foam coating is part of the contractors roofing system and the homeowner will have no need to apply the roofing coating, though they may later want to refresh it at some point. If not then a homeowner may want to consider spray on roofing coating to extend the life of the roof and reduce energy costs.

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